Helping Sellers Optimize their Land to its Highest and Best Use

Southeast Land believes there is a question that should be at the top of every seller’s mind: “What is the highest and best use for my land?”

Southeast Land can help answer that question with a range of services backed by a quarter century of land acquisition and development experience.

Southeast Land Understands the Variables

It begins with this truth: just because the neighbor across the road got three million dollars for their land doesn’t automatically mean that you will, too. There are many variables in play, and questions to consider:

  • The Land: what are its features, strengths and weaknesses?
  • Land Attributes: Can the land be developed? What are its restrictions? Topography, wetlands, soil conditions, environmental concerns and utility availability are all considerations.
  • Zoning: What is its current zoning, or proposed future zoning under the government’s comprehensive plan? What is the best use of the land with the highest probability of being rezoned?
  • The Improvements: how much investment will it take to optimize your land use?
  • The Market: what’s available, who is buying it and how much are they paying?

If you or your real estate agent can’t answer these questions, then you need an experienced land brokerage and development specialist like Southeast Land.  As we say, “Land is Our Only Business.”

At Southeast Land, we are seasoned experts in GIS land use mapping. We are well-connected with land development decision makers. And we’re veterans of the county zoning and planning offices, able to help guide you through the maze of government regulations that can truly make the difference in a sale.

Southeast Land’s Scalable Service Offering

Southeast Land offers a flexible range of scalable brokerage services to fit your needs, including:

  • Brokerage services: Southeast Land will list and market your property, and provide advice and guidance on pricing and improvements. Traditional commission structure.

However, you may find that zoning, entitlements, improvements and all the other red tape are things you don’t want to deal with at all. Southeast Land offers you two more options that will take these hassles off your hands:

  • A joint venture between you and Southeast Land. With time and investment from Southeast Land, you and your broker both have a stake in maximizing the sale. With our extensive brokerage and development experience, we can determine the best land use, address zoning issues, contract the improvements, and turn the sale into an attractive turnkey solution for your buyer. This can result in a quicker sale with less red tape and bigger profits for all concerned.
  • A turnkey solution: Southeast Land will purchase your property at a fair pre-development price and will take all the risk and uncertainty out of the selling process. This option requires no further investment of time or money from you.  Southeast Land will manage and pay for all property inspections, planning, entitlements and permitting in order to make your land sale a seamless transaction.

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When you truly know your land, its possibilities and the way to leverage it in the market, only then do you get a real picture of your potential profit. Southeast Land will bring that picture into focus. Contact us today!